Critical Minerals Refining, Inc.


Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. leverages its market position to establish a reliable Strategic Metals and minerals supply chain, including Rare Earth Elements.

Our proprietary technology and innovative focus make us versatile and resistant to micro-economic fluctuations that can influence markets across many industries. Our operation as a world-class refinery network fills an essential role in the global economy: to fill the exponential increase in critical mineral demand while achieving a below 2℃ future.

As an innovation leader, it is our obligation to provide information and knowledge-based services to the industries we serve and supply our products to.

Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. only sources from non-conflict nations with proven and verified non-force labor.

Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. is transforming industry practices to eliminate the environmentally harmful process by utilizing pollution-free and entirely neutral processes.

Our Vision: Refine Critical Minerals for an Independent More Prosperous Future

Our Refineries Produce Various Metal Products for Diverse Markets.

  • Metals used in batteries;
  • 3D printing;
  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM);
  • Aerospace and automotive parts manufacturing;
  • Nano powders;
  • Net Shapes;
  • Medical Instruments;
  • Computer parts;
  • Molds and tools;
  • Superalloys;
  • Sophisticated complex shapes for use in the defense and space industries.

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