Critical Minerals Refining, Inc.

Proven Technologies

Establishing a Network of FULL-SCALE Multifaceted Refineries.

Refining Vital Defense Metals

Producing a full range of high purity metals that have vital strategic defense applications

A Refining Pioneer

Proprietary Processes and Technologies With ZERO Impact On The Environment

Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. is developing a Strategic Metals refinery network processing high-value Critical Minerals.

Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. is a Critical Minerals Refinery Network processing high-value critical minerals. CMR has a market leadership position supported by licensed green technology that is internationally recognized as environmentally friendly and neutral with proven operations.

CMR owns a diverse range of ore reserves and engages firm offtake suppliers to sufficiently mitigate the usual risks associated with the supply of critical minerals containing ores and concentrates. Our market position is secured by utilizing proprietary technologies that yields the lowest possible production costs.


Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. is transforming industry practices to eliminate the environmentally harmful process by utilizing pollution-free and entirely neutral processes.

Critical Minerals Refining, Inc. is positioned to support the strategic needs across all Industries.

Producing Various Products for Diverse Markets

  • Metals used in batteries
  • 3D printing
  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
  • Aerospace and automotive parts manufacturing
  • Nano powders
  • Net Shapes
  • Medical Instruments
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 
  • Computer parts
  • Molds and tools
  • Superalloys;
  • Sophisticated complex shapes for use in the defense and space industries

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